Getting Started

Alright, so you want to find out what you need to get started.

Well in order to run Kodi you need something to put it on. There are various ways to do this but the best way to do this is to get a dedicated media device called the Amazon Fire Stick.

The Amazon Fire Stick is an android based media streaming device for your TV. Overall the fire stick is an excellent choice for a device that is going to be used as a TV media center because it's hardware is capable of Full HD 1080p Video playback which allows you to watch movies in 1080p resolution. It is important to not that this device does not natively support external applications that are not on the Amazon Store, so the device has to be modified before it is ready to use with Kodi. After I install Kodi on your Fire Stick you have to decide what plugins you want me to put on it. There are various plugins available which offer different types of content, here are a few of them:


The USTVnow add-on allows for the LIVE streaming of TV networks from the United States, such as PBS, NBC, FOX, CW, ABC, and CBS – all for free.
The paid plans include the free channel lineup, as well as the following additional networks, and so many more:
-Animal Planet
-Cartoon Network
-Comedy Central
-Discovery Channel
-Fox News
-National Geographic

The paid subscription plan costs $19 per month, while adding the unlimited DVR option with all channels costs $29 per month. These prices most likely DESTROY all available prices given by cable providers.
IPTV Stalker

IPTV Stalker is a Paid private IPTV service from which you gain access to 972 different live TV channels from which many are HD. They also have a VoD service which gives you access to 2000 daily updated movies. 

Here is a video of how it works:

For the full list of live TV channels click here.


Genesis is the add-on that enables access to Thousands of Movies and TV shows all for Free. This add-on allows 1080p playback on a great portion of the movies and almost always on all the new ones.


Phoenix is an add-on, which gives you access to hundreds of live TV streams to which you can connect. Unfortunately since this is a free add-on it is very unreliable compared to premium paid add-ons such as IPTV STALKER.


1Channel is one of the oldest Kodi add-ons ever made. They give you access to over 60 000 different Movies and TV shows but with a limited amount of streams.


IceFilms provides a service very similar to 1Channel. It features movies and TV shows, but also music concerts and even stand-up comedy. It numbers over 77,000 videos, complete with metadata and posters. It’s a very good backup to 1Channel or Genesis.

As you see this Amazon Fire Stick can offer exactly what your cable provider gives you, plus much more!!!

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