What is an android TV BOX?

TV BOX is a little box that turns your TV into a SMART TV.

It has lots of applications (apps) for different things such as Google and Facebook, access to games etc. An android box gives you pretty much all those apps, which you can view on your TV.
Additionally to this an android TV box will give you XBMC so you can watch TV from all around the world (movies, TV series and lots more and all for FREE)

What do I need to use this box?

Regular TV with a HDMI connection and high speed Internet.

Do I need smart TV?


Do I need to have the Internet connected to this box?


How do i connect my BOX to the Internet?

Connect an Internet cable from your broadband router directly to the box
Connect box wirelessly to the Internet (like your other devices: laptop, iPad, iPod etc.) as it has a wireless capability. In order to do it you simply adjust the menu settings to wireless / Wi-Fi and add your routers password.
Some boxes can be connected through Ethernet, which provides a more reliable and stable connection.  

Will I get lots of free movies?

Yes . You will have access to thousands of movies from old classics to modern classics, to recent movies and even movies currently in the cinema , and also lots of TV series from old tv series to the latest series being broadcast on TV . Please note that cinema movies can vary in quality from poor to excellent. Additionally plenty of TV shows, Sports and more. For example you cannot expect a Full HD experience from a movie that is not out on DVD yet or was filmed a long time ago.

What Internet speed is recommended?

A minimum of 5 mb/s is necessary to watch movies and TV shows.
If your speeds are lower you will likely encounter severe freezing when trying to watch a true HD movie or TV show. 

Can I watch 3D content with this box?

Yes, but you will need a 3d compatible TV and 3d glasses.

I already have android box but can’t view movies on it… why is that?

There are several reasons why this can be happening. Here are a few possible reasons: 
·      Box is faulty
·      Not properly connected to the Internet
·      Movie add-ons or box firmware needs updating
·      Broadband provider is blocking these sites
·      Box is not properly configured.

So does this mean I can't watch any content?

In some cases, you can still watch it by editing the settings for individual add-ons and adding an unblocked URL or you can use a VPN service that allows you to watch online content anywhere.  However if there is a problem with the hardware chances are that you need a new box.

Are these boxes illegal?

No, They are 100% legal and sold online everywhere even on eBay. You can view and even download, and as long as you don't download content and then upload that content to other sites. If you don’t do that you are following the law.

Can I download movies and watch them later?

Yes this is possible; if you install a particular add-on this feature will be possible and will allow you to download content for later viewing. With certain boxes their memory can affect the amount of movies you can download due to capacity constrains. Some boxes allow you to plug in a USB to which this content can be stored on.

Will this box let me watch all TV channels for free?

Yes and No, There are add-ons that give you many TV channels and many of them are channels you would see from your normal cable provider but in some cases the content might not be the exact same thing. For example you might find that there are several version of National Geographic Television available. One may be Nat Geo USA and another one may be Nat Geo HD. One is a USA version and one may be a UK version. There might be more like European versions etc. The content on these channels is pretty much the same. Since these are Free IPTV channels they can stop working at anytime and having these other ones as a backup is always great.  What usually happens when one of these channels stops working is that the person, who uploads them, fixes them pretty fast so they can work properly again. So in case the USA version may work while the UK version is down and vice versa. Of course most of the time both will work properly but it is important to be aware that this can happen.

Euro Channels?  Wont they all be foreign language channels?

Quite a lot of channels have dual or multiple audio options. Unfortunately this is not the case for all of them but its better to have a few than none.
For example Discovery Channel Poland might be broadcast with a Polish voice over for Polish people. The thing is that some of these channels may have dual audio, which means that you can change the audio and select English and get the proper discovery channel audio.

Will I be able to watch free sports channels?

Yes, a big amount of live sports TV channels are available for all types of sports. However the picture quality of channels can vary from poor all the way up to excellent.

What about radio and music?

Yes, Live Radio and Music add-ons can be installed onto these devices.

 Can I surf the Internet with this box?

Yes. However these boxes come with a regular remote control as standard, so its not ideally suited to surfing the net but it does the job ok.
You can purchase a wireless keypad that works a lot better. Personally I would not recommend using this device to view the Internet cause it will not be the best experience you can have.
Are all android TV boxes the same?

No, Android TV boxes come in different shapes and sizes. Some are square while others are round or rectangle. Some are dual core while others are quad core. Some are jail broken others are not. The operating system and software setup can also be different.

Where do all these movies and TV channels come from?

All these TV channels come from the Internet. It's all streamed online on various sites or sent via the internet, that's why it's called internet protocol TV / internet provided TV or IPTV.

I can buy an android from china for $55 (when they cost at least 120 in Canada) should I buy from China.

Honestly this would be entirely your own choice. But you should be aware of the

risks of buying from Asia. One of the risk is with the warranty, some Asian companies simply send a box and if it should be faulty wont honor the warranty and as they are in Asia there isn't a lot you can do, not all Asian suppliers will do this but some of them for sure . So you could get a faulty box and try to contact the supplier only to find they just don't answer you. Even if they did answer you and were happy to give you a replacement box it would mean you would have to return the faulty box to Asia at your own cost. On top of that if you buy from Asia when the box arrives you may be liable for vat charges in addition to the cost of the box, which could end up costing you more money. That said many people buy from Asia with no problems at all (I have done myself) but incidents happen and there is not much you can do when you’re dealing with someone on another continent.

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